Welcome To ANTH 3110 :: ATHENS

Ethnographic Fieldwork involves very particular challenges and dilemmas. How and what can we learn through our experiences and encounters “in the field”? How can we, as both researchers and human travelers, navigate the ethical, emotional, and epistemological complexities of doing research with and about people?

This course will provide you with a theoretical and practical toolbox for designing, conducting, and writing ethnographic research projects. We will explore various concepts and debates related to anthropological methods in the classroom at York, and then develop and apply specific research skills in the field. You will have the opportunity to design your own research project in close consultation with the instructor, and to conduct your own ethnographic fieldwork during an intensive four-week research trip to Athens, Greece.

Anthropology students – Successful completion of AP/ANTH 2110. Sociology students – Successful completion of AP/SOCI 2030 6.00 and AP/SOCI 2040 6.00

NOTE: If you do not have the prerequisites, please contact the course director, Othon Alexandrakis: oalexand@yorku.ca




The course will be offered in the summer session only. Three weeks on York University campus, followed by four weeks in Athens, Greece.






Watch this space. We will be accepting applications in 2019 for the summer of 2020.

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